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Winter Intensive: Finding and Applying to Opportunities with Sallyann Kluz

Zoom Video Conference

There are more and more opportunities for artists to create work in public space, from requests for qualifications, to requests for proposals, to direct commissions. But, what is the difference between each type of opportunity, and how does an artist new to public art find them?

Winter Intensive: Work Samples that Work with the Office of Public Art

When applying for an artist opportunity, an artist has only one chance to make a powerful first impression with their work samples. In this session, artist and OPA project Manager, Derek Reese will help to provide insight into the application review process to demystify the work sample submission portion of artist calls.

OPA Live! with Lena Chen and Aino El Solh

Instagram Live

Lena Chen and Aino El Solh are members of the Berlin-based artist collective, Maternal Fantasies. Their Instagram Live discussion will focus on the topics of care, healing, and mothering.

OPA Live! with Naomi Chambers and Dail Chambers

Instagram Live

Pittsburgh artist Naomi Chambers takes over the OPA Instagram account to go live and talk about the family business of artmaking with her sister-in-law, Dail Chambers of St. Louis, MO.


OPA Live! A Tale of Two GASPs

Instagram Live

Host Rachel Fillipini and guest Michael Hansen take over the OPA Instagram account for their live conversation, "A Tale of Two GASPs".